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EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services

Track Room Location: H139 - Heritage Hall


This “train the trainer” track will prepare faculty to teach the technology-based EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) course offered through participating in the EMC Academic Alliance program. CIS covers the principles and concepts of virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies. The course is ideal for gaining a broad understanding of the transition from classic data center, to virtualized data center, to the cloud. In addition, it prepares faculty for the EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services certification exam (E20-002).

This course will educate faculty about cloud deployment and service models, cloud infrastructure, and the key considerations in migrating to cloud computing.

For all definitions of cloud computing, the course has resorted to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology as a guide.

The course covers technologies required to build classic (traditional), virtualized, and cloud data center environments. These technologies include compute, storage, networking, desktop and application virtualization. Additional areas of focus include backup/recovery, business continuity, security, and management.

Faculty will learn about the key considerations and steps involved in transitioning from the current state of their data center to a cloud computing environment. Upon completing this course, faculty will have the knowledge to make informed decisions about migrating to cloud infrastructure and choosing the best deployment model for their organization.

Faculty will receive a complimentary copy of the CIS course book. Faculty who are participating in the EMC Academic Alliance program will receive the teaching and learning aids to deliver the course including PowerPoints and facilitator guide, videos, course lesson planning, activities, and more …


Faculty who have been teaching courses on the following topics will have an added advantage in successfully teaching the CIS course:

  • Systems integration
  • Computer systems administration
  • Network administration
  • Operating systems, file systems, and data structures



David Royer is President and of CEO Royer Systems Integration (Royer SI), a systems integrator founded in 2004, with offices in the United States and Brazil. An industry expert with over 16 years in the IT field, Royer has held key positions at Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Dell prior to founding Royer SI. In these roles, he has led and influenced the development of various strategic initiatives within R&D Engineering and Global Enterprise Services and Support divisions.

Royer is an advocate for Health Information Technology (HIT) and, since 2004, has collaborated closely with a public-private consortium of health organizations to better understand and solve the challenges faced within global healthcare today. This collaboration has led to the design a blueprint that would support the creation of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) and was undertaken alongside the Utah Department of Health, several Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO), and flagship healthcare systems in the world. In 2006 and 2007, he organized and led a series of educational campaigns in China in collaboration with EMC Healthcare, Microsoft Healthcare and GE Healthcare Asia delivering guest lectures and leading round-table discussions with the Beijing Health Bureau and the Sichuan Ministry of Health, among others.

Royer is also a strong champion of storage education and has partnered with EMC Education Services to promote and deliver the EMC Storage Technologist Certification Program, an open-course curriculum that aims to educate storage professionals in basic and advanced concepts in the design and implementation of storage architectures. He is also involved in promoting the EMC Academic Alliance (EMCAA) and has recently worked with the Faculdade de Informatica e Administraçao Paulista (FIAP), a leading private university in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to introduce EMCAA into their curriculum program.

Royer was the key founder of SNIA Brasil, a Regional Affiliate of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). Today he serves as Chairman and devotes a significant portion of his time working with its founding members to establish a meaningful presence of SNIA in Brazil which include educational programs and technical initiatives promoting development of emerging technologies and industry standards. Royer is a passionate evangelist of technology and has delivered several keynote lectures at major industry events, moderated panel discussions and his articles have been published in major international IT publications.


• Module 1 : Journey to the Cloud
• Module 2 : Classic Data Center (CDC)

• Module 3 : Virtualized Data Center (VDC) – Compute
• Module 4 : Virtualized Data Center – Storage

• Module 5 : Virtualized Data Center – Networking
• Module 6 : Virtualized Data Center – Desktop and Application

• Module 7 : Business Continuity in VDC
• Module 8 : Cloud Computing Primer
• Module 9 : Cloud Infrastructure and Management

• Module 10 : Cloud Security
• Module 11 : Cloud Migration Considerations


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Certification Info
EMC Proven Professional Certification Alignment to this course is:
Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (EMCCIS) - Exam E20-002

Track Evaluation - TBD

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