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Introduction to iOS Mobile Programming

Track Room Location: D138 - D Building

Please note that the “Introduction to iOS Mobile Programming” track is now CLOSED.To join the wait-list, register for the “iOS” track as your first choice, but understand that for now you will be registered into your second choice. If more room becomes available in “iOS,” we will contact you in order of registration into the closed track.


An express workshop in mobile development for iPhone and iPad. The course will provide and overview of the development tools, design patterns and programming requirements of iOS development that are necessary for iPhone mobile development. The workshop will also include tips on teaching mobile programming, development tool quirks, and common student issues in learning iOS development. General programming vocabulary and concepts along with a basic understanding of Object-oriented programming concepts is required for this workshop.




Elizabeth Pannell is a Professor at Collin College. Currently she's the Discipline Lead in E-Business Development which includes tracks in web media, web development, and mobile development. She's been teaching iOS development for several years and hopes to share some of her experiences in working with iOS and helping students learn to make apps.


Monday: Introduction to iOS Development including an overview of the development tools, general issues with iOS Development, using the University Development agreement with Apple, and doing and troubleshooting simple interactive apps.

Tuesday: Apples Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), design and development recommendations of the HIG. Creating apps using storyboards, auto-layout and apps for different devices.

Wednesday: Overview of Objective C and Cocoa Touch. Focuses on the differences between Objective C and C/C++ and provides an introduction to different Cocoa Touch API frameworks available for development. Creating app that requires additional frameworks/libraries other than those in the template.

Thursday: Resources and teaching iOS development both in a traditional classroom and online. Defining and locating the resources needed to develop an app. Tips on troubleshooting apps.

Friday: Course wrap and topic determined by class.


Instructor Links - TBD

Certification Info - TBD

Track Evaluation - TBD

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