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Advanced Network Analysis, Troubleshooting, and Security (Wireshark)

Track Room Location: H132 - Heritage Hall

Please note that the “Advanced Network Analysis, Troubleshooting, and Security (Wireshark)” track is now CLOSED.To join the wait-list, register for the “Wireshark” track as your first choice, but understand that for now you will be registered into your second choice. If more room becomes available in “Wireshark,” we will contact you in order of registration into the closed track.


This advanced networking course will help prepare faculty to teach and sit for the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) certification. The content is both timely and comprehensive, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize, troubleshoot, and secure networks. This hands-on course will be lab-driven with copious examples of real-world networking problems and solutions.





John Vail is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Network Engineering Technology housed in the Advanced Technology Center at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Fl. He is a Subject Matter Expert with the Cyber Security & Information Systems Information Analysis Center, and his most recent speaking engagements were the 2012 North American IPv6 Summit in Denver, CO, and 24th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. He is currently the Primary Investigator on iNoVATE – A Network Virtualization Project grant awarded by the National Science Foundation. Mr. Vail is additionally researching Gamification in the classroom. He graduated from East Carolina University with an M.S. in Technology Systems with dual concentrations in Information Security and Computer Networking Management. His thesis was titled: “Small Business Information Security.“ Mr. Vail also has over 20 years of experience as a project and operations manager.


Explore Key Wireshark Element and Traffic Flows

Customize Wireshark Views and Settings
Apply Display Filters to Focus on Specific Traffic

Color and Export Interesting Packets
Build and Interpret Tables and Graphs

Reassemble Traffic for Faster Analysis
Add Comments to Your Trace Files and Packets


Use Command Line Tools to Capture, Split, and Merge Traffic


Instructor Links - TBD

Certification Info - TBD

Track Evaluation - TBD

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